Photo: Virpi Nieminen

a life - nomadic melodrama

Thursday, November 16, 2017 - 19:00
Kallio Stage
Tickets: 7-15€

Taideyliopiston Teatterikorkeakoulu/ koreografian, valosuunnittelun ja äänen maisteriohjelmat sekä Aalto ARTS

a life
nomadic melodrama

A life suggests a translation of the philosophical concept ”a life” (Deleuze) into the context of performance. It´s inspired by a radical suggestion of life that includes not only the organic but also the inorganic, not only life but also death. At the same time it asks about the very place where we are in our lives right now, through being with these questions. Our interests in this work are also playfulness of language, voice, and body in a constant state of question and compositional play.
”A life is everywhere, in all the moments that a given living subject goes through and that are measured by given lived objects: an immanent life carrying with it the events or singularities that are merely actualized in subjects and objects. ”(Deleuze)

Jenni-Elina von Bagh (TK, tait. opinnäyte), Ingvill Fossheim (Aalto ARTS, tait. opinnäyte), Ville Kabrell (ÄMa), Outi Markkula (TT), Virpi Nieminen (Aalto ARTS), Johannes Purovaara (TT), Hanna Raiskinmäki (vier.), Elli Salo (DMa), Otto Sandqvist (DMa), Luca Sirviö (VMa),
Jussi Suomalainen (TT)

Ensi-ilta: to 16.11.2017 klo 19
Muut esitykset: la 18.11. klo 19, ti 21.11.klo 19, to 23.11. klo 14 & 20, pe 24.11.klo 19
ja la 25.11. klo 19

Paikka: Kallio Stage, Pengerkatu 11 A, Helsinki

Liput etukäteen 15€/7€
Liput ovelta 17€/9€