NYKY Ensemble: Battles-Limbos-Pops and Wonderful Music

Friday, December 8, 2017 - 19:00
Music Centre, Sonore
Free entry
NYKY Ensemble, the contemporary ensemble of the Sibelius Academy, performs a program specially designed and coached by clarinet maestro Kari Kriikku.

Kari has described this unexpected program as a musical place where NYKY Ensemble “will find new comfort zones”. Come and experience this NYKY Ensemble’s surprising concert. The young musicians throw themselves into being presenters, contemporary musicians, improvisers, Kraftwerk imitators and beat the Vinko Globokar's tightly instructed and round-shaped piece of music theater. The concert consists also of a surprise for Magnus Lindberg and the Finnish premiere of Music in Circles I & II from the rising composer Andrew Norman (US).

NYKY Ensemble
Kari Kriikku, coaching

Further information:
Libero Mureddu, 040 710 4267, libero.mureddu(at)uniarts.fi