Rethinking digitalization

Friday, March 24, 2017 - 11:00 to Sunday, April 9, 2017 - 18:00
Exhibition Laboratory

First, to be absolutely clear, we have actually not rethought digitalization. Rethinking would imply that a concept that is already well-established and which holds a major role in artistic practice, would be somehow redefined. Indeed, considering this, we’re developing the thought more than rethinking it.

“Digitalization” is a historical process that proceeds through the phases of development, success and failure. These phases have repeated themselves so far, and they have produced more knowledge on theory, science and technology. Simultaneously, the economical and socio-political fields have provided new possibilities to transform our everyday life. Following this approach, however, we could not find anything new. Instead, our task was to define what our own position is; our distance to “digitalization” in terms of materiality, memory, the body, history, communication, economy...

The exhibition proposal by artist Marjatta Oja and professor Anna-Kaisa Rastenberger was made spontaneously. The works were not curated in a hierarchical model, but rather based on an exchange of individual thoughts – one of which was even to cancel the whole exhibition.

In the meetings, the artists’ shared interest in one another’s position operated as a catalyst for the process of establishing the work plan. The multiple discussions among the participants enforced their will to understand how “digitalization” relates to their own work. This general approach, possible in an art academy and especially in a laboratory, produced an open framework which resulted in the various forms of artwork presented in the exhibition. Some works were already completed, some were in the process of making, and others were produced specifically for the exhibition.

Including works by:

Arja Kärkkäinen & Milja Moilanen Gregoire Rousseau
Iiris Kaarlehto & Inka Kynkäänniemi Bogna Luiza Wisniewska

LM Salling
Fredrik Enges
Felicia Jansson
Olga Benedicte
Matti Harju
Inma Herrera
Johannes Paahto & Harriina Räinä & Jari Vahtola

as well as an open booth curated by Andrey Bogush with the works by:

Bogdan Vladimir Ablozhnyy
Andrey Bogush
Océane Bruel
Monika Czyżyk
Vendula Knopová
Oskari Ruuska
Kristina Sedlerova


On the 29th of March:
Skype talk event with Aria Dean and Shawné Michaelain Holloway. Organized by Otto Byström.