Taiga Club at Tavastia: Folk Big Bang! – Litku Klemetti & Pekko Käppi

Wednesday, November 8, 2017 - 20:00
Ticket sales begin 16.06.2017 09:00
Tickets: 8,00-20,00€
The Taiga Club makes a comeback.

In November, the stage at Tavastia will be bursting at the seams when the combined forces of the Sibelius Academy Folk Big Band and the Global Orchestra take the stage, together with jouhikko wizard Pekko Käppi and singer-songwriter Litku Klemetti. A big band with a sound that mixes ancient and modern, large and small, from near and far!

Taiga Club is produced by The Uniarts Helsinki Sibelius Academy Folk Music Department and The Center for Folk Music and Folk Dance in Finland (KEK). The concert is part of the Etnosoi! festival programme.

Tickets 15/8 € (Tiketti), at the door 20/10 €.

Further information:
Sirpa Lahti, 040 738 4736, sirpa.lahti(at)uniarts.fi