Topi Korhonen: Malivalssi and other songs

Wednesday, November 1, 2017 - 19:00 to 20:00
Music Centre, Black Box
Ticket sales begin 16.06.2017 09:00
Tickets: 6.00 EUR-17.50 EUR€
Tickets available
The concert forms part of the Etnosoi! festival.

Topi Korhonen’s varied songs delve into everyday life and dreams with equal passion. A global assembly of musicians is at hand to keep things real.

Topi Korhonen, vocals, guitars, mandolin
Lassi Logren, violin, key fiddle, vocals
Ricardo Padilla, percussion, vocals
Hannu Risku, percussion, vocals
Nathan Riki Thomson, double bass, vocals
Iida Savolainen, viola, vocals

Further information:
Eeva Hohti, 050 341 2609, eeva.hohti(at)