© Poeettinen arkeologia: Teoksesta Leiriltä löydetyt esineet, 2017.

Deutsches Lager and Other Post Doc Stuff

Friday, August 18, 2017 - 11:00 to Sunday, September 10, 2017 - 18:00
Exhibition Laboratory

Deutsches Lager and Other Post Doc Stuff is the first exhibition to focus on the art produced by postdoctoral researchers of the Academy of Fine Arts. The exhibition presents a parallel view to three different ways of doing research. The most prominent differences between the three approaches concern research methodology, while the similarities become evident in the themes and the presentation of the projects. The works in the exhibition include Deutsches Lager – Inside and Beside the Camp, which is a project by a group called “Poetic Archaeology”, Petri Kaverma’s Coffin – From the Ivory Tower into the Gallery, and Jyrki Siukonen’s Description of a Bridge, which will be presented on the top floor of the gallery.

Poetic Archaeology: Deutsches Lager – Inside and Beside the Camp

Poetic Archaeology is a group that brings together the expertise of an artist (Jan Kaila), a photographer (Japo Knuutila) and an archaeologist (Jan Fast). The research project is coordinated by the doctoral programme of the Academy of Fine Arts, and in this exhibition we get to see the results of their project Deutsches Lager – Inside and Beside the Camp. Using an innovative combination of artistic and scientific methodologies, the three researchers have studied a transit camp of the German army that used to be located in Tulliniemi, Hanko, in 1942–1944, both in collaboration and individually. The camp was used by soldiers in transit to Lapland and back to Germany, and traces of the life in the camp can be found along a hiking trail that was recently opened in Tulliniemi. There are, for example, three barracks, which provide a still picture into the life during the Second World War. Numerous artefacts have also been uncovered in the archaeological digs in the area.

The multi-layered contents of the project are connected to the ongoing discussion of the recent history of Finland, which celebrates its hundred years of independence in 2017. In addition to political and moral questions, the project discusses the everyday life of a foreign army that participated in the war efforts in Finland, and which also used Finland as a transit country. The exhibition will also serve as a publication venue for a book called Inside and Beside the Camp, which not only boasts impressive pictures but also includes articles on modern archaeology, history and artistic research. The authors who have contributed to the book include internationally renowned archaeologists Mats Burström, Bjørnar Olsen and Þóra Pétursdóttir, war historian Oula Silvennoinen, sociologist Turo-Kimmo Lehtonen and researchers Inkeri Koskinen and Pirkko Pohjakallio, among others. The cultural significance of the concept of the camp will be discussed by some of the central contributors of the book in a seminar organised at the Exhibition Laboratory on September 9.

Petri Kaverma: Coffin – From the Ivory Tower to the Gallery

Petri Kaverma’s research focuses on a project in which he has examined death by combining an artwork with a coffin. Coffin – From the Ivory Tower to the Gallery presents a prototype of the product. In addition to the prototype frame of the coffin-artwork, the exhibition will feature sketches made by painter Katja Tukiainen and painter-illustrator Riikka Juvonen. The artists have made the prototype in collaboration with the person who commissioned the coffin. Petri Kaverma will be available for discussion in the gallery for the duration of the exhibition, and the conversations between him and the audience members will become part of the finished work at the conclusion of the project.

Jyrki Siukonen: Description of a Bridge

Jyrki Siukonen’s research has focused on a structure that is very typical of the industrial age: the railway bridge. The present topic expands upon his ideas on the boundaries between art and technology – themes that already held centre stage in his doctoral research (2001). The finished work, Description of a Bridge, is both a simplified model and a reading of an existing structure, and it is presented on the top floor of the gallery.

The exhibition will be opened on Thursday 17 at 5–7 p.m. by Paavo Lipponen. Welcome!