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ArtsEqual studies how art can increase equality and well-being, and how it could be a public service that belongs to all. But what kind of things does this mean in practice? This blog describes what ArtsEqual is all about. 

A blog which chronicles the Finnish summer by an expat; follow my journey developing the project 'Iskuin' for Flow Festival, read about my experiences at the University of the Arts, and engage my humorous anecdotes as the 'American exchange student' in Finland. 

SAMA (Sound Art and Sonic Arts) is a multidisciplinary course of the University of the Arts Helsinki that combines knowledge of the university’s three academies: Sibelius Academy, Academy of Fine Arts and Theatre Academy. In this blog, students share their thoughts and experiences of the course. During May 8-13, students will update the blog directly from the Hailuoto Sound Art Camp, a field course held in Hailuoto, northern Finland.

What are international studies like at the Arts Management programme? University of the Arts Helsinki student Maiju Talvisto shares her thoughts.

This is a platform for ideas, exchange and try-outs by students of the Live Art and Performance Studies programme of the University of the Arts Helsinki and associated artists or other contributors.

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Inma Herrera is a master’s student in printmaking at the Academy of Fine Arts and a visual artist who is also interested in writing. 


Herrera’s blog sheds light on her artistic practice, covering trips, residencies and experiences connected with her studies.

This blog is a place for sharing and discussion where students, staff and guests of Degree Programme in Choreography (Theatre Academy, University of the Arts Helsinki) write about choreography, studies, projects, art and around it.

Students and teachers of the master’s degree programme in dance pedagogy reflect on their thoughts and questions concerning dance pedagogy. The blog also discusses current issues related to the programme. 

Read more about dance pedagogy in the Theatre Academy here.

Perspectives on music, education, and religion: A critical inquiry


How might religion influence, frame and interact with the teaching and learning of music?


This blog serves to generate and enrich a discussion between scholars, researchers, teachers, students and others interested in the nexus of music, education and religion. The blog offers critical insights into the plurality of views that comprise the forthcoming book: Perspectives on Music, Education and Religion: A Critical Inquiry (Eds. Kallio, Alperson & Westerlund), aiming to promote a deeper reflexivity with regards to how music education is framed in different societies, characterized by various religious views, moralities, world views and values. 

Does art have a place in conflict? During spring 2015 in the Crossings blog four Uniarts Helsinki students shared their experiences about their student exchange in Palestine. The story continues in 2017, as a new group of pedagogy students travel to Palestine for their traineeship period.


The blog will be updated during spring by MA students in dance pedagogy Maikki and Georgina, MA student in theatre pedagogy Elina, coordinator and alum Helena, as well as music pedagogy students Jarkko and Veera from Metropolia University of Applied Sciences.

Guadalupe is a Doctor (and researcher) of Educational Psychology, plays all kinds of cellos (covering repertoire from early Baroque to contemporary music) and enjoys writing about musicological topics. Her biggest passions are visual arts, to live sustainably, writing fairytales for children, and above all… Finnish sauna and the Mediterranean Sea. In the blog she will fully address these issues -together or separately- according to her inspiration.


Photo credit: Ville-Paul Paasimaa