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University of the Arts Helsinki's Theatre Academy provides the highest education in the performing arts in Finland. At the Theatre Academy, art, performance, training, and research are in constant interaction.

How to apply

The Theatre Academy admits new students every spring.

The next application period is 9 January – 23 January 2019.

Entrance exams/auditions are held in April-May 2019.

Admission Guide will be published on this website in October 2018.

Language proficiency - Applicants must demonstrate their proficiency in English by submitting relevant certificates at the application stage if they wish to pursue their studies in English. More information in the Admissions Guide.

Tuition fees - The University of the Arts Helsinki charges tuition fees from non-EU and EEA students studying for a degree in a foreign language, at the Theatre Academy this means studies conducted in English. The amount of the annual tuition fee will be 5,000 euros. The University of the Arts Helsinki introduces a scholarship programme in the form of tuition fee waivers, which aims to promote student recruitment and provide financial support for students who need it. More information can be found here.


Frequently asked questions

About Entrance Examinations

Entrance exams have usually multiple phases in each programme. In some of the exams, the applicant is informed the night before whether he/ she can continue to the next phase which can be the next day. In addition, there might be eliminations after morning exams. In this case only some of the applicants move on to the afternoon exams. Applicants might also get intermediate assignments, which they are to do at home.


If an applicant is eliminated, there is no need to feel bad. It does not mean that the applicant is not talented. The starting groups are so small that the juries usually have to make very hard decision; it is very difficult to eliminate most of the applicants when all of them are good. Sometimes a jury might interrupt the applicant’s performance. That does not mean that the applicant has failed, it can be that the jury has already seen enough in order to evaluate the applicant’s talents.


Theatre Academy’s entrance exams are quite legendary. Please, do not base your expectations on internet discussions on TeaK, as applicants have subjective views and experiences on the exams. The exams focus on what is essential in the future education.


Each applicant is informed in good time whether they are invited to the entrance examination or not. If an applicant is invited, along with the invitation, he/she will get more information and instructions on the exams.


Studying at the Theatre Academy requires dedication. School days are often long, studies include a lot a physical exercises and all teaching emphasises also a knowledge of theatre and arts.


Entrance examination elimination system is different in each programme and also the length of the exams varies. An applicant, who has applied to two different programmes, can take part in both exams. However, taking part in both exams might be difficult with certain programmes as the exams overlap. In these cases, it is up to the applicant to decide which exam he/she will take. Applicants cannot change the entrance examination times assigned to them.


The number of new students admitted varies from year to year. However, there has not been any big changes in the amounts in recent years.

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