CARPA4: Call for Proposals (Closed)

We kindly encourage you to submit a proposal for presentation addressing one or more of the below-mentioned topics of CARPA4. The call for proposals is open until February 1, 2015.

The colloquium approaches its topic area without specific disciplinary framings, collaboratively, and performatively, in an attempt to support the fruitful meeting of various points of view. It seeks common points of contact, resonating surfaces, and rhythmic interference between its heterogeneous but constituent parts.

CARPA4 reflects on performing practices from the point of view of their non-human factors. We ask:

  • Whether performance is no longer considered a typically human behavior, expressing and reflecting the intentions and needs of human beings, but rather a point of encounter and a collaborative relation between heterogeneous elements, components or materials, like bodies, organisms and objects?
  • How can human performers find their place within performative arrangements, where the logic no longer serves human purposes? What to do with bodies that no longer are “mine” or “living”?
  • In which ways can different life forms in their wide diversity enter the scene of performing arts and deconstruct this scene?
  • What kind of objects does a performance consist of? How can a performance create, liberate, or reunite objects, beyond “object theatre”?
  • How is the question of the inhuman defined and resolved in each case?

Please note that

  1. As usual, priority is given to practical demonstrations, workshops and interventions, but paper presentations are appreciated as well.
  2. The maximum duration for papers is 30 minutes including discussion.
  3. The maximum duration for other kinds of presentations is 60 minutes including discussion.
  4. In your proposal, please indicate clearly the format of your presentation.
  5. The maximum length for the submitted proposals is 400 words.
  6. The maximum lenght of the bio is 100 words.
  7. Please also clearly state the technical requirements and the type of space needed (see below).
  8. A refined version of the proposal is required after acceptation.
  9. The call for proposals is open until February 1, 2015.
  10. Applicants will be informed of their acceptance by February 23, 2015. Presenters are asked to confirm their participation and send in the final abstract of the presentation by March 9, 2015.
  11. Articles from all the accepted presentations will be published on NIVEL open access web publication. Please, read the proceedings of CARPA3 The Impact of Performance as Research in 2013 by clicking here.

About the available spaces

The available spaces include auditoriums of different sizes, studios with concrete floors and rehearsal spaces with wooden floors. Also the large public lobby of the Theatre Academy is available for use. We will take into account the type of presentation you have proposed and allocate the spaces accordingly, but if you have specific needs please let us know. The use of all spaces is limited to the openinig hours of the Theatre Academy. Specific opening times will be confirmed when the final program is published in April 2015. Please, also note that there are limitations of using any stuff, liquids or materials that can damage the floors and the walls.

About the technical details

We will be able to provide you with necessary basic technical equipment and help. While there is a lot we can accommodate, please keep in mind that we cannot provide resources for large, full-blown performances. However, feel free to propose and ask! Regarding the equipment you need, please inform us in advance when filling the proposal submission format, even if you only need a video projector for your computer.

Please see the Vision Statement.

The Slogan for the Colloquium is: Peace, Love and Artistic Research.